Management Policy

Quality Policy

Environmental Policy
* Development of high-technology
* Making full use of vitality
* Providing valuable products
* Take all processes seriously
* Providing satisfied products for all customers
Otax to recognize the principal importance of environmental protection and safety to the global society.
* Reduction of the environmental influence to the neighborthood
* Reduction of the industrial waster
* Reduction of the paper working and recycling of the used papers

Outline of Business

¡ OTAX Corporation acquired ISO9001, ISO14001 certification.

EObtaining certification for the international standard ISO9001 for quality assurance in 1995 and ISO14001 for environmental managment systems in 2001, OTAX Corporation endeavors to supply high-quality and high-standard products with a strong emphasis on the quality process.

¡ OTAX Corporation is a manufacture specializing in industrial switches, including 5,000 types of power switches and over 1,500 types of DIP switches. The company was the first manufacturer in the world to make half-pitch DIP switches.

The company developed the industry's first 1.27mm half-pitch DIP switch, which has only a half pitch between the terminals of conventional switches. This is now the leading lightweight, thin, short and compact product in the industry.

The company also developed a compact rotary DIP switch, which is the smallest in the industry. Measuring just 7mm~7mm, this is a ultra-compact product with high contact reliability.
EWith high reliability assured by molded-in terminals, OTAX power switch range from A-series to Z-series to meet various user's requirements.

¡ OTAX Corporation is a actively seeking new business development for its high-level technology.

Starting with medical non-blood-collecting type blood sensors, the company is conducting research and development in blood analyzing systems, in-house nursing systems, control systems for senile dementia patients, electronic switches for nursing homes, automatic surveillance systems for houses, and many other applications.

The company is also developing and marketing various electronics-related products including hand sensors, narrow pitch LED bar graphs and delivery POS systems for supermarkets.

¡ Other products under development.

ECustom terminal blocks for air-conditioner and FA
EPCMCIA connectors
EIC test sockets
EMulti-card connectors