OTAX's DIP switches are highly reputed for their heat resistance and reliability because of an OTAX-developed "knife-edge high pressure contact mechanism" based upon proprietary technology. The unique mechanism eliminates troubles from impurity liquid by cleaning and those by a high temperature applied soldering process. With over 1,500 different types of products in its line-up, OTAX's DIP switches continue o lead industry.

Series Name

Products Name


KU Series・ Rotary DIP Digital Code SwitchUltra-miniature rotary DIP switch (7mm square and 3mm high) with more positive detent feel by making use of beryllium copper and high-grade stainless steel.
KH Series ・ SMT half-pitch DIP Switch Ultra-miniature (0.05inch terminal pitch) commercialized with high technical electronic equipment. More heat-resistant type by making use of Engineering Plastics.
KY Series ・DIP Switch End-stackable DIP switch with a standard 0.1 inch pitch terminals.
NN Series ・ Washable Miniature Switch Washable and environmental seal of IP67 level.
S Series ・ Washable SIP Switch Designed so small that this SIP switch occupies a mounting space less than 1/2 that of a standard DIP switch (with common terminal).
W&K Series ・ SMT Diode-incorporated DIP Switch
・ SMT Resistor-network-incorporated
--DIP Switch
・SMT Dip Switch
Knife-edge high pressure contact mechanism. Ceramic wafer used inside provides more heat-resistant feature. Rotary version with a pin point contact breaks oxidized and sulfide film, thus longer life.
W Series ・Hybrid DIP Switch
-Resistor network-incorporated type
-Diode-incorporated type
Knife-edge high pressure contact mechanism. Cost and space saving because of "two in one" feature (DIP switch & resistor network or DIP switch & diode in one housing).
K Series ・ Standard DIP Switch Knife-edge high pressure contact mechanism and ceramic wafer-incorporated DIP switch for more heat-resistant purpose. Rotary version with a pin point contact breaks oxidized and sulfid film, thus longer life. Washable because of its environmental seal.
KR Series Water-proof Rotary DIP Digital Code -SwitchSolid zinc die-cast housing. Usable for flexible PCB. Knife-edge high pressure contact mechanism. Molded-in feature for envionmental seal.

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